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The Board of Directors is made up of a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds, including those with lived experiences facing the barriers the people we serve see on a regular basis. 

                                    Zachary Schopf, Chairperson, Board of Directors


       Self Sufficient Individuals

  • Candora participants have a voice enabling them to make or influence choices in their lives.
    Supportive Community

  • Candora participants and staff are rooted in the community and the organization with exceptional connections, healthy relationships, and collaborative partnerships.
    Learning Success

  • Life-long learning benefits the community and the organization. Continuous learning builds capacity, self-sufficiency, and allows for professional and personal growth.  
    Community Enrichment

  • Candora participants are contributing members of their community.  
    The Candora Society is Thriving

  • The Candora Society is a vibrant, financially stable and innovative organization with strong stakeholder connections and community engagement.  Candora maintains the integrity of our programs and activities in meeting the expectations of our funders and community. 
    Effective Board Governance

  • Candora is supported by a diverse board that thinks strategically and is accountable to funders, community partners and participants.  The Board supports an environment promoting continuous learning, partnerships, and capacity-building for staff and community members.
    Satisfied, Supported Staff

  • The Candora Society creates a culture of support, openness, diversity, inclusion, and growth for staff. We recognize the unique strengths and contributions of staff who are connectors to the community.

We are currently seeking for motivated, collaborative individuals to become volunteer Board Members. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact Valerie Cudmore, Executive Director.

Contact information by email:

You can also download full details about volunteering as a Board member.

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